Writing Prompt #1: Bringing My Neighborhood To Life

I’m still working on the focused direction I’d like to see this blog take, but as it’s almost a year later and I still haven’t quite narrowed it down, I’m going to use the platform also as a kind of online journal to catalogue my writing journey. After all, the word ‘babbling’ is part of my blog identity, so I can talk about whatever I want, right?

As most of you know, I quit my daily grind of an office job back in February to focus full-time on freelance writing. Two weeks ago, I also started graduate school at Gannon University, so I’ve really been trying to those creative juices flowing again. When you spend every day methodically cranking out pitches to editors, getting responses about 10% of the time, and then jobs from about 10% of those, the well of writing ideas can run dry.

To keep my well full, I’ve begun starting my day with The Writer’s Daily Companiona book that serves up daily writing insight, inspiration, and prompts to help me feel motivated by the time I finish my coffee. I decided to share the results of these prompts here, in hopes that it might inspire some of you who love to write, or that, at the very least, it serves as a catalogue of my journey and improvement as a writer.

For Tuesday, September 12, 2017, I have been tasked with bringing my own neighborhood to life:

A symphony of giggles and growls jolts me awake each morning. Children hop and skip by to the elementary school, while by nutmeg brown Labrador excitedly guard our home against any of these tiny, bouncing humans who don’t have the fiery red hair and deep-set, mischievous eyes of the little one who scurries  down our steps to join the stampede.

The steam from my coffee swirls with the exhaust smoke from the engines of cookie-cutter cars that stretch their joints to shake off the stillness of the night. I stand on the lawn and crack my neck and knuckles to the rhythm of the pitter-patter of footsteps left by the busy bees who scurry off to earn the right to do it all over again tomorrow. I wave to the waking world on Walnut Street, creating my own beat to the symphony of the rural routine I’ve grown to play with joy each day.

This one is short and sweet, but it makes me feel content with the way I start each day.

Do you have any morning routines of familiar sounds and smells that bring your neighborhood to life each day? I’d love to read your own stories.


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