The Week in Words

One week ago, Donald Trump shocked the nation with his historic win of the electoral college, and the presidency for the next four years. Tears were shed, relationships were severed, fear was induced, and we have begun to both heal and brace ourselves for the wounds to come. Some of us find solace in anger, some in action, some in education, and some in inspiration. Regardless of your preferred method of self-care, every type of medicine can be found in the written word. Here are some links that have helped me begin to reset, and I hope at least one of them is able to make a similar impact on you.


BuzzFeed contributor Mira Jacob described what she is telling her son about Trump’s America.

The editor of Poetry magazine discusses why so many people have turned to verse to come to terms with the election.

Escape the darkness with some thing darker by diving into these crime reads.

Photo: LitHub

Photo: LitHub

 A list of activist organizations that need your support.

 Advice on how to survive a disaster.

 Things we were all told because we were girls.

Literary voices react to the results of the election.

Photo: LitHub

Photo: LitHub

Why people are looking to Harry Potter for answers.

The New Yorker discusses what normalization really means.

A discussion of the play Rhinocerous by Eugène Ionesco.

Do you have any resources that have helped you grow and recover after this year’s election? Share them in the comments!

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