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Shop Urban Jungle Gym and Support Same Sex Small Businesses

Hello, friends! I hope you’re recovering both mentally and financially from the holiday season as we begin to wrap up the first month of 2018. Over the weekend I tried to decompress and get back to what I feel passionate about by heading to the movie theater. My wife and I saw Call My By Your Name and The Post, which both struck powerful chords with me for very different reasons. But with both movies, it all boils down to being bold and independent enough to stand with what you believe in, and to live your truth. Set the intention for 2018 to support same sex small businesses.

Equality Matters.

Whether it’s who you love or what you read, don’t waste your time, your emotion, or your money on causes and companies that don’t align with the person you are and the person you want other to see you as. Ideally, those two people should be one and the same :).

We have several smaller holidays coming up over the next few months, the first being the commercial juggernaut, Valentine’s Day. But whether it’s a holiday or not, use the paper and plastic in your wallet to purchase meaningful gifts from small shops that carry meaning. I’ve paired up with one of my new favorite online boutiques that I’ve fallen in love with to bring you some fabulous and fashionable ideas for your favorite same-sex couples.


Urban Jungle Gym Clothing

I met Jordan, one of the creators of this shop, through a lesbian moms Facebook group, and she’s simply amazing. She has worked with her loved ones to create clothing that make members of the LGBTQ community feel like they can express themselves. I was overjoyed to receive a package in the mail with some treats from them just before Christmas!

How to support same sex small businesses.

On the left: Love is Love adult t-shirt, found here in three colors. On the right, Made by Love onesie, found here in three colors.

How to support same sex small businesses.

White ink equality tee for youth, found here.

How to support same sex small businesses.

I’ve Got Two Mama Bears youth tee in three colors, found here.

Urban Jungle has added pages and pages of new attire since the holidays, and I’m a little bit obsessed with it all. Check out the pieces I’ve linked and browse around for your favorites to get for yourself, your little one, or your favorite guncle.

Cheers to supporting causes we love and people we respect!

Just a small note, if you need to shop at the bigger, broader places this year, always check the HRC’s corporate equality index to see how a business ranks before giving them your money. The 2018 ratings are in, and you can find them here.

If you own and run a small business that advocates for a cause you’re passionate about that promotes equality and inclusion, let’s connect! I’d love to help get the word out for your product and spread awareness. Remember: support same sex small businesses!

As always, thanks for reading. See you soon!


Beth Ann

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