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Hello Blog Family!

Hello readers! Let me introduce myself: I’m Beth, an awkward, introverted book nerd who loves the written word and the ability to socialize where and when I want. Not too much to ask, right? I have a lot to say, but don’t always feel comfortable saying it in person, so that led me to the idea of starting a blog where I can express myself and hopefully reach some people who can relate and can benefit from these ramblings.

The last couple years of my twenties have proven to contain the most eventful, challenging, and fulfilling transitions I ever expected to experience. I spent the first 27 years of my life in various small towns of West Virginia, doing small town things like eating at Applebees and walking around Wal-Mart at 2:00 AM. After relocating to Pittsburgh in 2013, I began to realize that although I treasure and appreciate my upbringing in my home among the hills, I had not only a sheltered outlook on life, but had also experienced so little of what the world had to offer to guide me on the path to discover who I really am.

Before I moved to Pittsburgh, I was a straight sorority girl who said “like” way too often and had pumpkin spiced latte literally running through my veins, settling for being semi-content in my relationship with my college boyfriend and a career that paid the bills and fed my shopping addiction. Fast forward to today and I’m a bisexual writer who is blissfully engaged to a woman and her four-year-old daughter, striving to spend my days pursuing my passion. I do still say “like” more than most people, and I’m currently typing this while drinking my second PSL of the day, but hey, people don’t changeĀ thatĀ much, am I right?

Seriously though, how perfect are they?!

When I found myself in a drastically new kind of relationship with a ready-made, nontraditional family, I tried to find resources to help my with advice and support for this transition. I didn’t have any “newly” gay friends in my life. I mean, most of my pals came out right after high school, and they all pretty much drive down a one way street if you know what I mean. I know no one (still really don’t) who went through this big of an identity change this late in life.

My goal with this blog is to help create a community for people to feel free to be themselves, share their experiences, and hopefully benefit from the insight I have to offer. Straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, however you identify (or don’t), let’s be friends and help one another through this amazingly unique and beautiful thing called life.

Xo –

  • Beth Ann

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