Books, Booze, And Brunch To Try In Denver

When my wife and I travel together, we find ourselves scouring the internet for various lists that break down the types of local businesses we’re looking to explore. The typical touristy landmarks in most of these cities are a given, such as Breckenridge, Red Rocks, and downtown Denver in our most recent trip to Colorado with friends. It’s what we do between the postcard worthy pics of stunning skylines and marvelous mountaintops that nudges a trip from mediocre to memorable. In my search to make a new town feel like home, I tend to turn to the three Bs: Books, Booze, and Brunch. I’ve broken down each B below for the best in Denver travel.


This adorable indie store advertises itself as “a bookshop for wine lovers” and “a wine bar for book shoppers”. Instead of wine though, beer was what the patrons were sipping on the night we decided to browse. The lovely Melissa Cole happened to be giving a talk at bookbar that evening, and she was giving out free beer samplers in exchange for a few moments of our time to listen to the details of her book: The Little Book of Craft Beer.

The beer was delicious, and Melissa is delightful. She autographed my book for me, which now as a home on our kitchen counter, where we can ensure we’re choosing the right tasting notes to pair with our family dinners. Mia gets juice.

Breckenridge Brewery

The drive to the mountain top town of Breckenridge is worth the journey, but it doesn’t hurt that once you reach the picturesque locale, you’re rewarded with a walkable community of shops and pubs. I’ve got to be honest, my memory of this brewery is more than a bit hazy, but everyone in our group attests to the food and the beer. I think I had (and loved) the nitro vanilla porter, but I also taste tested one square too many of the cannabis infused chocolate bar I snagged because of the coffee and doughnut flavoring. Needless to say, paper would have tasted delicious to this girl at the time.

Snooze: an A.M. Eatery

Snooze is open seven days a week, and if you can muster up the patience for the wait you’re likely to face by choosing this restaurant, you’ll be rewarded with a vibrant plate of food and the best mimosa you’ve ever had. Try the Mmm Mmm Mimosa while you’re waiting to be seated. After a giant stack of customizable pancakes, finish things off with a Dirty Drunk Chai. The friendly staff and massive breakfast menu makes this locale the home of that one meal you’ll be buzzing about long after your flight home.

I hope these suggestions help ease the stress of planning your meals and some of the downtime you’ll need in between hikes and concerts. If you have any Denver travel tips of your own, or have been to any of these places listed above, be sure to chime in!

I’ll leave you with a group picture from Red Rocks, which we took after I was finally able to breathe again after the trek to the top.

Happy travels!


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