Bisexual Awareness Week: Required Reading

September 23 is Bisexual Awareness day, and GLAAD, along with the HRC and pretty much every woke organization that promotes equality has been celebrating bi visibility all week long.

Autostraddle published a list of must-have nonfiction books on bisexuality, and while I was furiously adding each one to my cart, in dawned on me that not everyone might know where to look for thoughtful, personal pieces and encouragement to celebrate the existence of beautiful, bisexual individuals. I’ve gathered some of my favorite things I’ve read this week on the subject of Bisexual Awareness Week and linked them below for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Fans Petition For Diana’s Bisexuality To Be Revealed In Wonder Woman 2

With Director Patty Jenkins finally on board for the Wonder Woman sequel after holding out for a well-deserved pay increase, fans are beginning to speculate what’s next for Diana Prince. Earlier this year, DC Comics acknowledged that Wonder Woman is, in fact, bisexual, which was alluded to in the first film, but a petition to make her on-screen love interest a women in the sequel is spreading like wildfire. Sign me up, twice.

How both pain and pride helped me claim my bisexual identity

I wrote this piece for HelloGiggles back in June in celebration of Pride month, and it still rings true for Bi Visibility. Claiming your own sexual identity is hard when you’ve spent your whole life not realizing there was a specific identity you needed to take ownership of, because being straight is viewed as, well, just “being”. But whether you’re gay, straight, trans, asexual, or *bi*, be proud and claim it!

Hollywood’s “Bi The Way” Trope

This article be a fellow AfterEllen writer really made me think. If you haven’t heard of the “bi the way” trope, it’s when a TV show or movie casually implies or states the bisexuality of a character (think Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect 2). The rising popularity of this trope is a double-edged sword, as Karen Frost discusses in this piece.

Social Media And It’s Role In Bisexual Awareness

Andrew Macdougall highlights the importance of the ability of bisexuals to connect online, along with the benefits of having online celebrations of bi visibility at our fingertips to help us celebrate. As a bisexual, it’s incredibly hard to identify others who are like me. When we see someone holdings hands with a partner of the opposite sex, we assume that individual is straight. Conversely, when we see someone holding the hands with a partner of the same-sex, cue gay or lesbian. How then, do you know someone is bi so that you don’t feel so alone? Thank you, internet.

I May Never Date A Woman Again, But I Still Identify As Bisexual

Writer Zachary Zane reflects on how frustrating it is to have to justify and explain bisexuality when you’re a man who primarily dates men. Noting that social cues and dating etiquette is entirely different between men and women, just because pursuing men might come more naturally doesn’t mean he is any less attracted to women. Because of the stigma attached to sexual relationships between men, many women refuse to knowingly date a bisexual man, which is a discrimination all on its own even within the community. Give this one a read for some insight on internal emotions and how who you have a physical relationship with doesn’t affect your sexuality.

Bisexual People Don’t Have To Prove Anything To You

Often times both straight and gay people don’t “believe” when someone says he or she is bisexual, and even more often, if they do believe it they don’t think bisexual individuals struggle nearly as much with their sexual identities as those who just identify as gay or lesbian.

My favorite quote from this article by Casey Quinlan is:

When you tell other people you’re bisexual, they see your sexuality as a novelty — and it’s as if they need you to prove that you didn’t make it up.

As always, thanks for reading! If you come across any bisexuality pieces you think showcase some stellar work with an important message, please share them in the Comments. Happy Bisexual Awareness Week!


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