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Best of the Month: May 2017

Where the hell did the month of May go? I’m sitting here jotting down my June goals in between trips to the front yard with the pups (we’re getting so close to 100% potty trained), and I am utterly dumbfounded by the disappearance of one of my favorite months. Wedding recovery, honeymoon, and jet lag induced honeymoon recovery consumed most of May, and the political nightmare we wake up to every day makes them all kind of blur together. Anyway, here are my favorite things from the month of May.

Best Thing I Watched

American Gods: “Git Gone”
     Wild, weird television is flourishing right now, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Mos people are familiar with Neil Gaiman, whether it’s his fantastical fiction or children’s stories, and American Gods is sort of his swan song. As one of those snobs who often refuses to watch something until I’ve read the book first, I promptly ordered the paperback upon reading the synopsis for this Starz show. However, when my copy arrived in the mail, the sheer massive size of the novel was daunting. So I broke my rule, shelved the book, and started watching.
     “Git Gone” is episode four of the season, and it’s the first episode in which the show gives the primary focuses to the back story of a single character. American Gods revels in its enigmatic storytelling props, revealing only half as many answer as new questions, but in this episode we learn all about the motivations behind someone who we didn’t even know was going to be present the first three episodes. I won’t go into any more detail than that to avoid spoilers, but go watch this show right this very now.

Best Thing I Ate

Image via Lonely Planet
Lisbon’s Custard Tart
     Shortly after arriving in Lisbon, Portugal, where we spent the first half of our honeymoon, Jen and I discovered that this casual, culturally robust city is known specifically for a simple, delightful pastry. Actually, we hadn’t even made it to our hotel before someone encouraged us to hit the nearest cafe and order a custard tart, otherwise known as a pastel de nata. The tart is well known for the egg based custard in the center and the crisp, flaky tart that encases it. By the time we made it to our last day in Lisbon I felt like a real local, each morning ordering a pastel de nata and shot of espresso. Cue the caffeine headaches and constant sugar crashes one we arrive back in the U.S.
Note: Portugal makes, hands down, the best food I’ve ever tasted. I’ll expand on the other fantastic eats that titillated my taste buds when I blog about my honeymoon 🙂

Best Thing I Heard

Image via Politico
“Pod Save America Takes Los Angeles”
     Kamala Harris, a United States Senator from Californa, made a guest appearance for an interview on the podcast “Pod Save America”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Pod, it came to fruition after the 2016 election when the hosts of the podcast “Keepin’ It 1600” decided that they wanted to create a space where everyday people could learn about politics and how anyone can take part in the activism needed to make a difference during a Trump presidency.
     After listening to this interview with Senator Harris, I realized one thing: our first female president is going to be a woman of color. You know why? Because they get shit done. Kamala Harris speaks, and we all listen. She talk with the people listening not at them (unless they need it), and she’s not afraid to defy an instruction when she knows it’s not the right thing to do. On top of that, she dropped an F bomb, so what’s not to love? Take a listen to the Pod, any episode really, but also get to know Senator Harris, because she’s the real deal.

Best Thing I Read


     I don’t have much to say about this PBS piece that’s not contain within the body of the article, so please just read it yourself. This article delves into the political climate in the down I lived in from 10-18 years old, so it essentially helped build me as a human being. Buckhannon, West Virginia voted for Donald Trump by over a 75% margin, and those are trying to protest his fascist administration are being harassed in disgusting ways in this tiny town. Since I moved north to Pittsburgh a few years ago, I’ve been spoiled to be surrounded by progressive people who care and think about the world outside of a small town bubble.
     I’ve grown to think further than the immediate instinct to become angry that coal mining jobs are gone, instead educating myself about the alternate, more environmentally friendly ways other places create sustainable energy. To see people living in poverty who don’t understand that under this administration, Medicaid and affordable healthcare are being gutted, and public education is crumbling, is humbling indeed. At the Women’s March in Pittsburgh earlier this year, I took for granted the sheer masses of people who marched alongside me, rarely stopping to think about the spaces where it’s not as safe to make this kind of stand, where they’re in a vast minority. I’m incredibly proud of these women who are trying to spark change in Buckhannon, because the town still holds a special place, if not a slightly bruised one, in my heart.
What are the best things you experienced this month? Let me know in the comments!

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