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7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Friends, we have made it through the month of January. We survived! Did it feel like it lasted a million years to anyone else?! The shortest month of the year is here, and you know what that means: Valentine’s Day. No matter how you feel about Hallmark’s favorite holiday it comes every year, and chances are, especially if you’re a parent, you can’t just sit back and ignore the day of hearts and candy. So here we are, searching for Valentine’s Day gifts for our kids.

Although Valentine’s Day can come with lots of unwanted pressure when it comes to romantic relationships, it’s actually fun when you have kids! Sure, bribing your littles ones to sign their names 23 times on V-day cards isn’t the most fun in the world. Two years ago we made the mistake of letting Mia choose these My Little Pony Valentines that came with special markers that we had to insert into every. single. one. My eye is twitching just remembering it.

Still, picking out some fun things to surprise them with is exciting, because it’s all about LOVE! Amazon has their Valentine’s Day gift shop section on display, but the one for kids is a whopping 25 pages long. So, I’ve cherry picked a few of those and added some of my own ideas to make shopping for your littles way easier. Here are 7 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids!

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P.S. This post contains affiliate links, which means I might get a small commission if you purchase something using my links. I only recommend products that I have or would use for myself and my family!

“Llama, Llama, I Love You” Book

You all know how much we love the Llama Llama books in our house. They are full of heart and do a superb job of teaching life lessons on behavior, and family dynamics. This series is also perfect for when your children are beginning to read on their own. The Valentine’s Day themed book is super sweet, and isn’t just limited to the holiday. Read it all year! ($4.06 on Amazon here)

Your Décor Water Bottle

At Mia’s school, she’s allowed to keep her own water bottle with her at her desk during the day. The kids in her class are all about personalization right now, and this water bottle is perfect for your child to have fun getting enough water and feel like they’ve created something that stands out! They have a few different designs, and every bottle comes with five markers to use in creating a masterpiece. ($7.97 on Amazon here)

Heart Socks

If you’re anything like us, your children’s socks tend to disappear on a daily basis. Both my wife and my daughter have an aversion to wearing them, so in the winter they just come off the feet never to be seen again! Stock up with these cute crew socks with festive hearts on them. ($10.99 for a 12-pack on Amazon here)

Flip Zee Girl

Flip Zee Girl
Image via Amazon

When I was a kid, it was Puppy Surprise, which I hear is making a comeback. Now, it’s the Flip Zee girl. In case you’ve been living under a rock and your little one hasn’t asked for one of these 124398725 times from seeing the commercial, a Flip Zee Girl is a stuffed doll with crazy hair that flips inside out to become a cupcake. They’re actually pretty adorable, super soft to hold, and easy to use. They were hard to find over Christmas, so grab one for V-day if you missed out. ($20-25 on Amazon here)

Heart-Shaped Slime

Slime. It’s seriously everywhere. Mia asks if she can make her own slime on a weekly basis. Sometimes when we agree, we make sure to do it on a transition day so she can take that slime right over to her other mom’s house ;). Kidding. Maybe. You can find some super sketchy recipes for slime online (one of which took the paint off our walls, but that’s another story for another day), so why not just get the pre-made stuff? This 4-pack kit comes with heart containers full of various colors of slime and some accessories you can mix in so they feeling like they’re “making” it themselves. ($16.99 on Amazon here)

Love Bomb Bath Fizzies

Bath bombs are a fairly recently rising phenomenon that transcends age. I love them because it’s a fairly inexpensive way for me to feel a little bit pampered after a stressful day and I feel a bit fancy. My stepdaughter just thinks they’re fun as hell, and she loves to watch them fizzle and change the color of her bath water. Anything to make bath time go smoothly, am I right? ($17.99 for a 4-pack on Amazon here)

Heart Fidget Spinner

Heart Fidget Spinner
Image via Amazon

Anyone else have about 12 fidget spinners lying around the house? It seems like we grab one of these at every store we shop it because they sit right at the checkout counter. Genius move, really. They are fun though, and it’s the perfect way to keep a kiddo occupied on a car ride or any other time they’re feeling, well, fidgety. ($4.99 on Amazon here)

I hope this gift list is helpful for you while you’re looking for something fun and thoughtful for your children for Valentine’s Day! Let me know what you all do for the day and how you celebrate in the comments!


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