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A Poem for Parkland

I’ve been having trouble articulating my emotions after another senseless school shooting, so I wrote this poem for Parkland. Sometimes the written world is the only power I feel like I have in this world. For Parkland Drills of ducking under desks and cowering for cover. Blood spatter and bullet holes shed for empowering. A… Read More A Poem for Parkland

Entertainment, Movies

“I, Tonya” is a Timely Observation of Truth

America’s renegade versus America’s sweetheart. Even the most casual observer of figure skating knew the names Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan back in the ’90s. Families were glued to their TV screens as the scandal of Kerrigan’s assault exploded just before the Olympics. Did her husband act alone? How much did Harding really know? Those… Read More “I, Tonya” is a Timely Observation of Truth

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“Stepmom” vs. “Bonus Mom” and Why They Both Matter

Where does the word “Stepmom” come from? The etymology of the word prefix “step” carries with it some connotations that don’t usually apply to the dynamics of a modern blended family. The word “step” comes from the Old English word “steop,” which essentially means “loss.” Earliest versions of “stepchild” were written as “steopcild,” which literally… Read More “Stepmom” vs. “Bonus Mom” and Why They Both Matter